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One way to cozy up a room is to roll out a rug, and if you want to make a space feel extra welcoming go ahead and roll out two. Layering rugs is an easy way to add various textures to a room and pair together fun patterns. But keep in mind, just because it is easy and fun doesn’t mean there isn’t a system involved. If not careful layered rugs can become a distraction, however when done properly they can enhance the space and help tie everything together.



Large open concept spaces, like the living room and kitchen, can often feel ambiguous next to one another. To keep the spaces separate, rugs help to define the area and layering two rugs draws the eye in from the outer rugs perimeter, adding a varied depth to the room.

Layered rugs provide visual direction. This often overlooked styling technique is a relaxed way of highlighting a noteworthy piece of furniture in the room or a corner you want to bring to attention.

Layered rugs are a great alternative to replacing what you currently have. Whether you are trying to hide stain-covered carpet or just bored with the look , using rugs to cover the tiresome base adds a sense of character and charm.


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