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Adding greenery to a space has been a favored styling detail in the design community, long before Instagram and Pinterest gave terrariums a cult like following (and made some succulent farmers very rich!) With so many benefits, you really can’t go wrong choosing to incorporate greenery in your home. It not only helps to improve the air quality, but can bring to life even the most stale spaces with little effort. You can bet this “trend” is here to stay, so we’re offering a few simple ways to incorporate it in your home!


Fresh cut stems from your local market or garden can make a grand and inviting statement when placed on a cocktail table, entry table or nightstand. Because of their relatively short lifespan, this is a great way to bring in color or play on seasonal trends without being too committed.

Don’t have a green thumb? Preserved flowers or moss arrangements may be the perfect option for you. Today, many preserved options are put through a process that leaves the flowers looking supple — their beauty frozen in time— and capable of lasting several years with minimal upkeep.

If you are looking to lay down roots, consider adding a medium sized planter and potted plant— possibly a fiddle-leaf fig or palm. Potted trees and plants are perfect for filling those empty corners and add lots of dimension to a room. Just make sure your space offers adequate light for your plant to thrive!





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