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leather is one of the oldest interior materials used! It's durability and flexible characteristics make it no surprise that it is still used today and being incorporated into a wide-range of styles. If you aren't familiar with leather, don't worry! We are sharing a few reasons why it is one of our favorite upholstery options and what to keep in mind when making selections.


Leather is durable and on average, it is expected to last 4x longer than fabric. Over the years leather will soften, but will still retain its original shape and rich color, making it a smart investment.


With the proper care, leather ages gracefully, only getting better with time. Stick with classic styles because leather that is looked after will last longer than a lifetime.


This might be the best reason! An occasional dusting and conditioning treatment is all that the low-maintenance material will typically require to maintain its smooth texture and pliable strength.


While the leather can last a lifetime, the cushions might not. Zip cushions allow the filling to be replaced and extend the life of the piece.


Leather will age naturally, but direct sunlight will also age the leather, especially on exposed areas. Make sure to consider the placement of the furniture and how natural elements may impact it.


Because leather is a natural material, each hide will vary in markings and color. When looking at a leather swatch in reference to color, stretch and pull the sample to get a better idea of how the leather will look once upholstered.


Full-grain is loved for its durability and natural patina that surfaces over time. Similar to full-grain is top-grain, which appears more polished and uniform as it has been sanded to rid it of any imperfections.

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