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of an overall design, throw pillows are an accent used in almost every space of a home. Whether it’s multiples on a sofa, in an occasional chair, or even a top of a bed, each throw pillow has its own purpose and the ability to elevate any room.

If you’ve ever found yourself shopping for a throw pillow, you probably noticed they are one of the most expensive decorative accents on the market and found yourself

asking, “What makes throw pillows so damned expensive?” Well, we're here to provide some answers!


One of the biggest factors that dictates the price is the material. A pillow that is made from an expensive material such as leather, sheepskin, or silk will cost you a pretty penny – especially when compared to a cotton or faux fur option. But you get what you pay for...right?

Right! The material is so important to the overall quality of a throw p

illow, but the way in which it is crafted is also worth noting. You can tell the work of an exceptionally crafted pillow by looking at the details— the pattern placement, zipper, and seams.

Inserts might not be the star of the show, but the pillow wouldn’t be the same without them. They come in a variety of sizes with various options for the inner components and selected to match the quality of material in which it is encased.

Speaking of pillow size, the size of the insert also plays a key factor. An insert that is 2” larger than the size of the pillow cover helps to ensure a lasting fullness. A simple fluff from time to time will restore the pillow back to its original form.

When selecting a fabric, often the beautifully printed ones are the most expensive. Using an expensive fabric on both sides will ultimately lend to a more expensive pillow. One way to make the cost more practical, is to use the printed design on one side and a coordinating color on the back side.




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