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typically found in coastal and lakeside cottages, has made its way to all types of homes for year-round use. So what is seagrass exactly? Our vendor, Design Materials Incorporated, gives the following definition:

“Seagrass is a perennial grass grown and harvested annually from paddy fields that are flooded with sea water as the crop grows. Slightly waxy by nature, it is naturally STAIN RESISTANT and easy to care for."

Seagrass rugs are offered in a variety of patterns, showcasing hand twisted characteristics that are unique to each rug. Although neutral in color, these rugs are great for layering and adding texture or pattern into any design scheme.

Most manufacturers offer multiple binding colors and styles, allowing for an endless array of customizable options to compliment any space.

One reason we always suggest seagrass rugs as a design option is for their stain-resistant capabilities and incredible durability. These properties make them a practical option for everyday living, especially in high traffic areas.

Did you learn something new? We hope so! And now that you know what a wonderful option seagrass rugs are, maybe you'll even consider using one somewhere in your home if you don't already. We promise you won't regret it!


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